For up to date rules please see:

Required in order to be able to have a valid submission and to be able to present to the judges:

  • Rehearsed your presentation with hackathon organizers on Sunday morning.
  • Submit your project & team here on by 1 pm Sunday

Rehearsals will be scheduled in 10 minute slots from 8:30 am - noon on Sunday, May 1, 2016.

You may have up to two slides.

  1. Slide #1 should indicate: Team Name, Member Names, which sponsor challenges you are competing
  2. Slide #2: High level overview of your project, what was built on the weekend.

Recommendations: Rehearse your pitch. Spend 30 seconds or less on your slide(s). Spend as much time as possible showing what you built over the weekend.


Rehearsal signups will begin Saturday evening, April 30, 2016.

Hackathon Code of Conduct: